Master's Introductory Week summer term 2020

Welcome to the Master's Introductory Week. If you start your studies in the computer science master program here at TU Kaiserslautern (TUK) this semester, then you're at the right place!

What is "EWoche" and what happens there?

The EWoche ("EinführungsWoche") is your introductory week especially for computer science students (do not confuse it with the Orientation Course by ISGS which is adressing all international students). Here, you will learn important things regarding your studies and also about other not-so-study-related things which might help you here at TUK. Also, you will meet your fellow students (and future friends)!


Apparently, you made it to this website somehow. Congratulations! This is your first entry point to the Ewoche! Also, feel free to browse through the website. If you land on a page with some German text written on it, then you are probably on the sites for the Bachelor's EWoche. If you speak German or are able to decipher those cryptic German words, then you can learn about what the Bachelor students are doing during their EWoche.

Your EWoche is organized by the department computer science and the Fachschaft computer science (you will learn what this is during your EWoche) who also runs this website.

COVID-19 ("Corona") Information

Updates on they Corona-Situation by the university can be found here.

In case you didn't know: there is this (Corona) stuff going on which forces us all to be creative with the limited options we have :) That's why this Master-Ewoche will be held online as good as possible.
Under normal circumstances, the Ewoche would help you to get information about your studies, living in Kaiserslautern, and to get to know older students and (most importantly) each other! We try to make this happen also this time.

For now, there are four websites, you should now, because there your Ewoche will take place this year. Since you are computer scientists, we hope that you will figure out how to use those tools yourself ;) For example, you can use this tutorial for accessing OLAT (it has nice pictures :D). If you still have problems (for example, if you have trouble with some things only being available in German), feel free to ask your Orgs Marc Dörr or Mohammadali Forouzesh. By the way, all of those websites are hosted by the university themselves, so your data is safe.

Ewoche website

You made it here to the Ewoche-Website, great :) This is your entry-point, where you already got the first information and an overview.

Information by the department

While this website is run by the Fachschaft (students), the Department (Fachbereich) also has a website with information for new students. They also keep you up-to-date about the current Corona-Situation and the measures the department will take.


The material shown during the Ewoche will be provided on the learning platform of the university, OLAT, in this course (password: integer) so that you do not have to remember every single detail but check it out here, later, too. Of course, this is not an excuse to not attend the events! You will also find a detailed schedule, information about the Buddy-Program and many more there, so be sure to join!

In case you do not have an RHRK account yet, you can still access OLAT Master Ewoche _ HowToOlat


If you are interested in getting to know your fellow students or older students, you can have a chat on our Mattermost-Team anytime you like. You can also ask questions and stay always up-to-date.

Welcome-Event and Backup-Location

You're welcome event will be held as a live stream by the organizers on some room on this Jitsi-Server. You will recognize the correct room by its name, we promise (the room will be this one)! This will also be our backup-meeting-location if some of the other services does not work.

We are eager to get to know you, too, so don't be shy and contact us :)

Kind regards, your Ewoche-Master Team


The events will take place from April, 8th to April, 9th (ISGS's O.K. course participants can attend both events, if they take place). The welcome session we be held on Wednesday, April 8th, 10pm here!

For more information, check the OLAT-course! If you have trouble accessing OLAT (for example, if you don't have an RHRK account yet or have trouble activating it) please let us know.


If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact the Fachschaft members responsible for international students Mohammadali Forouzesh and Marc Dörr.